Chairman’s Message


Established in 1971 when the travel industry was still in its infancy, Lotte Tour Development shaped the nation’s tourism and leisure industry by launching inbound and outbound travel, duty free shops, chartered flights and cruise ships, and property development projects. Lotte Tour Development is now poised to make another leap forward.

Jeju Dream Tower Integrated Resort, a twin-tower landmark in Nohyung-dong, also known as the Gangnam of Jeju, will rise as the new flagship business and growth engine for Lotte Tour Development.

Drawing upon the experience gained from attracting foreign tourists over the past 50 years as well as undertaking development projects such as Seoul Financial Center on Gwanghwamun Street and Dongwha Duty Free Shop, Lotte Tour Development promises to present the modern Korean lifestyle to travelers from China, Japan and South East Asia together with the best hospitality services that are uniquely Korean(‘Jeong’).

Lotte Tour Development recognized the importance of educating the future generation and persistently made major footprints in the past 40 years. The company founded Mirim Girls’ High School in 1979 and Mirim Meister School in 1991, and will now expand its focus to take lead in training global talents while creating over 3,000 quality jobs at Jeju Dream Tower Integrated Resort.

With about 1.5 million global tourists estimated to visit Jeju Dream Tower Integrated Resort annually, Lotte Tour Development will emerge as an unrivalled tourism and leisure company in Korea.

Having completed the opening of Jeju Dream Tower Integrated Resort successfully in 2021, Lotte Tour Development will continue to proactively engage in community and social contribution programs such as supporting the vulnerable social groups, culture and art development programs and environmental preservation initiatives.

We ask for your lasting interest and encouragement for Lotte Tour Development and Jeju Dream Tower Integrated Resort as we strive to expand into a world-class tourism and leisure company. Thank you.

Chairman of Lotte Tour DevelopmentKi Byung Kim