Milestones and Awards

  • 2020 - 2021s

    • 2021. 12.Grand Hyatt Jeju Second Tower open (1,600 Rooms)
    • 2021. 06.Jeju Dream Tower Casino opens
    • 2021. 05.Lotte Tour Development celebrates 50th anniversary
    • 2021. 04.Approval of the relocation and expansion of LT Casino
      (Location : From Lotte Hotel Jeju to Jeju Dream Tower Integrated Resort / Casino Area : From 1,175sqm to 5,367.67sqm)
    • 2021. 01.Grand Hyatt Jeju awarded 5-star hotel rating
    • 2020. 12.Grand Hyatt Jeju opens
    • 2020. 11.Construction of Jeju Dream Tower Integrated Resort is completed and approved for use
    • 2020. 09.Lotte Tour Development moves head office from Seoul to Jeju
    • 2020. 09.Wins Korea Service Award in the tour service category hosted by Korea Standards Association (KSA) for five consecutive years
    • 2020. 08.Casino Impact Study Assessment conducted (Received ‘Suitable’)
  • 2000 - 2019s

    • 2019. 09.Selected as Korea’s Best Tour Company at the TTG Travel Awards (19 consecutive years) and the Hall of Fame (9 consecutive years)
    • 2019. 04.Chartered cruise service celebrates 10th anniversary (Longest operating cruise service in Korea)
    • 2018. 08.Acquires Paradise Jeju Lotte Casino (Changed name to LT Casino)
    • 2017. 08.Signs Hotel Management Agreement with Hyatt (GRAND HYATT JEJU)
    • 2016. 05.Signs Construction Contract with China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC)
    • 2015. 08.Approval of construction permit change for Jeju Dream Tower Integrated Resort (169m, L38)
    • 2013. 12.Signs Co-Development Agreement with Greenland
    • 2011. 09.Vice Chairwoman and President of Dongwha Duty Free Shin Jeong Hee wins Gold Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit
    • 2010. 09.Inaugural launch of Korea’s first chartered cruise service
    • 2009. 05.Approval of construction permit for Jeju Dream Tower Integrated Resort (218m, L62)
    • 2008. 02.Invests in Dream Hub Financial Investment Corporation and Yongsan Development Corporation
    • 2007. 11.Selected as the preferred bidder for Yongsan International Business District Project
    • 2006. 06.First tourism company to be listed on the Korea Composite Stock Price Index (KOSPI)
    • 2004. 09.Chairman Kim Ki Byung wins Gold Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit
    • 2004. 07.Establishes Korail Tourism Development Co., Ltd. (Joint venture with the Korea Railroad Corporation)
  • 1971 - 1999s

    • 1997. 09.Wins the Stone Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit
    • 1997. 01.Joins the Korea Association of Travel Agents (KATA)
    • 1996. 02.Wins the Tourism Entrepreneur Award (The Tourism Sciences Society of Korea)
    • 1991. 11.Changes corporate name to Lotte Tour Development Co., Ltd.
    • 1991. 01.Joins International Air Transport Association (IATA)
    • 1989. 04.Registers the overseas tourism business
    • 1984. 09.Wins the Bronze Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit
    • 1981. 09.Wins the Prime Minister Citation for excellent tourism business
    • 1980. 09.Purchases project site from Jeju City through an open bid and begins development of Jeju Dream Tower Integrated Resort
    • 1979. 12.Opens Dongwha Duty Free (Korea’s first urban duty free shop)
    • 1978. 09.Wins the Iron Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit
    • 1978. 05.Changes corporate name to Lotte Tour Transportation Co., Ltd.
    • 1974. 01.Inaugurates Kim Ki Byung as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
    • 1973. 03.Opens Dongwha Arcade (Later becomes Dongwha Duty Free)
    • 1972. 12.Wins a commendation from the Minister of Commerce and Industry
    • 1972. 04.Registers the domestic tourism business
    • 1971. 06.Registers the automobile transportation business
    • 1971. 05.Establishes Ajin Tour Co., Ltd.