Lotte Tour Development
will take a leap forward to
becoming a world-class
tourism and leisure company

After the company’s establishment in 1971, Lotte Tour Development delved into unchartered waters of tourism and leisure industry, laying the groundwork, successfully building its reputation. The company now embodies the best of the nation’s tourism and leisure industry.

In 1972, Lotte Tour Development launched its inbound travel service for foreign tourists, followed by the opening of Dongwha Duty Free in 1979, the nations’ first downtown duty-free (formerly the Dongwha Arcade of 1973). 1989 was a milestone for the travel industry when the government liberalized Korean overseas travel for outbound travel. Lotte Tour Development was in the forefront of the industry as a market leader and began operating chartered flights and cruise ships in response to this big wave. In 2006, the company became the first Korean travel company to be listed on the Korea Composite Stock Price Index (KOSPI) – another first in its impressive line-up of accomplishments as a market leader in the tourism and leisure business in Korea. In 2021 Lotte Tour Development celebrated its 50th anniversary of leading the glorious history of the nation’s tourism with its pioneering achievements and will continue its endeavors of paving the path to leap forward.

Lotte Tour Development ambitiously moved on to make another history by acquiring Nohyung-dong site from Jeju City through an open bid in 1980. Since then, the company envisioned of building the nation’s largest tourist hotel in Jeju. Backed with vast experience and expertise in turnkey development projects including Dongwha Duty Free building on Gwanghwamun Street and Seoul Finance Center, Lotte Tour Development successfully presented Jeju Dream Tower Integrated Resort on December 2020, Korea’s first world-class Integrated Resort(IR) compatible with other IRs based in Las Vegas, Macau and Singapore.

Jeju Dream Tower Integrated Resort is a 169-meter tall twin tower icon on Jeju Island with a total floor area 1.8 times as large as Hanwha 63 City in Yeouido, Seoul. Together with the world’s most prestigious hospitality brand ‘Hyatt’, Jeju Dream Tower Integrated Resort features 1,600 suite-size rooms, 14 restaurants and bars, outdoor pool deck (Level 8) and Sky Deck (Level 38) as Grand Hyatt Jeju. Jeju Dream Tower Integrated Resort also operates the largest foreigner-only casino in Korea as well as HAN Collection, the first K-Fashion shopping mall.

While delivering an unforgettable hospitality services based on uniquely Korean value of ‘Jeong’, Jeju Dream Tower Integrated Resort proudly presents the modern Korean lifestyle in response to the growing demand of Asian travelers including China, Japan and South East Asia.

As an unrivalled tourism and leisure company in Korea, Lotte Tour Development will take proactive initiatives to share Jeju Dream Tower’s commitment to social contributions by adopting various programs including but not limited to talent nurturing of future generation, culture and welfare programs and environmental preservation.


Lotte Tour Development,
Korea’s largest travel and leisure company for global travelers.


Lotte Tour Development, a tourism and leisure company
delivering hospitality services based on uniquely Korean value of ‘Jeong’,
will brand Jeju Dream Tower as an unrivalled Integrated Resort in Korea
presenting the Modern Korean Lifestyle.




give back to the community we serve.



encourage continuous improvement in everything we do.



pursue balanced teamwork built upon respect and trust.



act with honesty, integrity and transparency.



care about the environment and act responsibly for future generations.



embrace diversity and equal opportunity.